Friday, December 30, 2005

A Bright Side to Illegal Immigration in America

This may be somewhat controversial, but the bright side to illegal immigration to America is that the mostly Mexican illegals share our western, family, and Christian values.

Now look at Europe. Either by hook or by crook, there are 50 million immigrants in the EU who don't share Western values, and who aren't Christian. Furthermore, they aren't assimilating. Fifty years hence, Europe will be Islamic, whereas we'll still be the good old US of A, just with more Taco Bells.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Texas on Fire

As you may have seen on the news, North Texas has been having problems with Wild Fires. Although not on the scale of California's fires, we have lost about 100 buildings, 75 of which were homes. Also 5 people have died, usually elderly who were either trapped in their house or had heart attacks trying to flee. The drought we're in is the worst in 50 years, the temp today is about 74 degrees F and the winds have been whipping through. Good riddance to 2005, the annus horribilus of weather!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Just Think of England

The way we think of England and the English is determined, it seems, by where we're from. For those in India, England is the Raj and Empress. For the Irish, they are the people of Bloody Sunday and The Famine, the people across the Irish Sea who preferred fat baby horses, to fat baby Irish. For the Aussies, it's Botany Bay, and their great-greats being exiled for stealing bread.

But the Americans? Is it 1776? Lexington and Concord? Nay, it is Churchill. When we Americans think of England, it's through the prism of Churchill in 1940. The British Bulldog, daring Hitler to try to break them in their Island Fortress. London can take it and we shall fight them on the beaches.

It's funny that in the turn of oratorical phrases, the Empire of over half the globe became for America the little shire of hobbits, set upon by the Hun, who were battling to the death for King and Country. And in America, old men can still tell you of those days, where England looked like it was going to sink under the weight of Yankee men and machines, and together, we won the war.

So, you can bear your grudges against the Raj or Bloody Sunday, but we here in the States remember Churchill, and "The Finest Hour."

Friday, December 23, 2005

'Tis the Season

Christmas time for me has always been a time in which I count my blessings, and remember those in the world who aren't as well off. We in the first world have so much in the way of material goods, we tend to forget those of God's Children who go to bed hungry, if they have a bed at all. My favorite charity is
Children's International.

For just $36 a month (as they say in the commercials) I sponsor Carlos, age 9, and Nikolas, age 2, in Guatamala. Within the program, they get to go to the doctor, dentist, go to school, and get some decent clothes and shoes. Most importantly, they know that their "godfather" in the States has an eye out for them.

We exchange letters and drawings and pictures, and I take care of my boys. I highly recommend the program, and hope you check them out! Merry Christmas, y'all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Congrats to Ireland!

Congratulations Ireland! Bono has been given Time Magazines Man of the Year Award, along with Bill and Melinda Gates. Bono's work in humanitarianism is well known and much appreciated by many in the third world. Once again, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland punches above his weight in taking on the pressing issues of the day. All Irishmen should be proud.

A German Outrage!

CNN reports today that Germany has released a Hezbollah terrorist from prison after serving only 19 years of a life sentence! He was sentenced to life for the beating and murder of Navy diver Robert Stetham in 1989 during the hijacking of TWA flight 847. You may remember Stetham's broken and lifeless body being thrown to the tarmac from the plane, having been singled out as an American serviceman.

I find this completely unacceptable, and Merkel should answer for it on her trip to Washington.

I find it morally reprehensible that Europeans who flock to the cause of "Tookie" Williams, a man who murdered four innocent people, have now released a man who beat to death someone for being an American.

In America murderers are punished, in Europe, the are give plane rides to the Middle East!!

Click here. for the full article.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Victory or Defeat. It's just as simple as that!

Last night President Bush delivered a war speech from the Oval Office. See full text here.

Europeans might be interested in this line:

"I also want to speak to those of you who did not support my decision to send troops to Iraq: I have heard your disagreement, and I know how deeply it is felt. Yet now there are only two options before our country -- victory or defeat. And the need for victory is larger than any president or political party, because the security of our people is in the balance. I don't expect you to support everything I do, but tonight I have a request: Do not give in to despair, and do not give up on this fight for freedom."

And finally the President called a spade a spade and talked abouth DEFEATISM. This was aimed directly at the Democrats.

"Defeatism may have its partisan uses, but it is not justified by the facts. For every scene of destruction in Iraq, there are more scenes of rebuilding and hope. For every life lost, there are countless more lives reclaimed. And for every terrorist working to stop freedom in Iraq, there are many more Iraqis and Americans working to defeat them. My fellow citizens: Not only can we win the war in Iraq, we are winning the war in Iraq."

Good for the President!!!!!

As Churchill said in a speech after Dunkirk, "Wars are not won by evacuations." Those words remain true for the 21st century fight againt fascism as well.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Britian as the 51st State of the Union?

American huberis! Hegemony! Well, wait a minute. H.M.G. seems like it wants to sell off British soveriegnty on the cheap, wants to make the U.K. part of a Union, so I'm just giving the average subject of the realm a choice.

Why not become part of a Union that speaks English? Why not become a member of a winning team with a 220 year old track record? A member of a Union that will respect you, protect you, and never neglect you?

Or do you really want to go with the new "union" on the block, the EUSSR, with your P.M. going hat in hand to get the yea or nay of the French and Germans? Or with so called allies like the Spanish, who folded tent and left the Black Watch on it's own on the field of battle?

God put the Channel there for a reason. Don't let your politicians drain it.
Maybe you should keep the Atlantic full as well!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A joke for the Brits

A conservative in London brought his bulldog into the vet, because the hound kept incessantly licking his arse. The vet later said "Well I've found the problem. The poor thing somehow got ahold of a copy of The Guardian, and has been trying to get the taste out of his mouth.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I Now Declare You Husband and Husband

Last week the UK passed a law permitting same sex civil partnerships. Just last month the State of Texas voted into it's constitution an amendment that "marriage is to be between one man and one woman." The vote was 75% to 25% (25% in Texas voting for gay marriage? I didn't know we were that liberal!) Now before getting on Texas, even Oregon voted down gay marriage, and it's a very liberal state. Why the difference? Gay marriage in Briton and nary a whimper?

John Derbyshire has an excellent article in National Review Online here.

I post it b/c it is such an interesting argument, but it somewhat takes American conservatives to task for believing that our church going ways are going to insulate us from things like gay marriage forever. I hope my Irish and British readers take a look!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Marine Lt Ryan McGlothin RIP

Lt McGlothin, who was killed in Iraq, was mentioned by President Bush in his latest speech. These are the types of young men fighting and dying for freedom.

President Bush said:

"One of these men was a Marine lieutenant named Ryan McGlothlin from Lebanon, Virginia. Ryan was a bright young man who had everything going for him, and he always wanted to serve our nation. He was the valedictorian of his high school class. He graduated from William and Mary with near perfect grade averages, and he was on a full scholarship at Stanford where he was working toward a doctorate in chemistry.

Two years after the attacks of September 11, the young man who had the world at his feet came home from Stanford for a visit. He told his dad, I just don't feel like I'm doing something that matters. I want to serve my country. I want to protect our land from terrorists, so I joined the Marines.

When his father asked him if there was some other way to serve, Ryan replied that he felt a special obligation to step up because he had been given so much. Ryan didn't support me in the last election, but he supported our mission in Iraq, and he supported his fellow Marines. Ryan was killed last month fighting the terrorists near the Iraq/Syrian boarder.

In his pocket was a poem that Ryan had read at his high school graduation, and it represented the spirit of this fine Marine. The poem was called "Don't Quit."
(end speech)
He was twice the man in half the time I'll ever be. Rest in Peace, Ryan.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Small Revelation

At the pharmacy today where I work, I overheard my technician console a Mrs. Rosenfeld whose husband had died. After hanging up the phone my tech, who is Muslim, wondered what I was smiling about. I said, "Think about it. A Muslim consoling a Jew, while a Christian listened on." That would happen in very few places in the world today. Food for thought.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Left is Wild about "Tookie"

As everyone knows by now, the founder of the Crips and murderer "Tookie" Williams has been sent to meet his maker, by the State of California. One observation. The left, who always decries the "black and white, with us or against us" thinking of the right is absolutely, positively sure that his execution was wrong, wrong, wrong. People kill 3000 by flying planes into two buildings, well you have to look at both sides. Kill an unborn child? Well, that's a woman's private decision. Remove a woman's feeding tube and dehydrating her to death? Well, that's very complicated. But put a convicted murdered to death, after having been found guilty in a court of law, and given all constitutional protections, that's just brutal, uncivilized, barbaric behavior that's morally wrong!! Ok all you lefties, see you at the next Pro-Life Rally!

On the Lighter Side

Tony Blair has ruled that the four children of Northern Ireland that fled to Narnia will be considered On The Runs and given special protection. The Tory's Mr. Howard complains that the children are leaving and entering British territory without proper papers due to the government's weak asylum laws. In Washington, the Bush administration is interested in gaining their cloaking technology for the war on terror, and intends to spirit the children away to an undisclosed location. Poland denies any involvement.

Monday, December 12, 2005

What About Post-Christian Europe?

So what about conservatism in a post-christian Europe? If a Judeo-Christian morality structure is one of the basic requirements for conservatism to flourish, does Europe have the number of people needed to support conservative political parties? The answer seems to be no. With no basis for the rights of man being God-given, parties to the right simply become nationalistic.

Now I'm not saying that Euros have no morals. What I am saying is that the cultural ethos of religion has disappeared. When in the US the president can speak about"the better angels of our nature" (Lincoln) or a" shining city on a hill" (Reagan) the public doesn't withdraw in shock (mosty!). Tony Blair would never utter anything close to this for fear of either being laughed off the stage, or accused of promoting theocracy.

Isn't it interesting that in the countries of Europe that have promoted religion over the centuries, religion has withered. In the US, the Founders showed a bit of wisdom by keeping the state out of the religion business, allowing it to thrive.

Why is America so Conservative?

Ok American liberals, don't get your panties all in a bunch. Even you're fairly conservative compared to Euro liberals. But the question still demands asking. We are the most conservative people in the Western World. Just to get here, our forefathers had to be the mavericks, the poor, the outcasts from every corner of the globe. We are some of the most innovative people on the planet, always on the move. And yet we hold to principles that seem to have been given up in most of the West, and are held up to ridicule in Europe.

I submit that it is because of our adherence to Judeo-Christian beliefs. One can be innovative and conservative at the same time if one subjects himself to laws of God. Then the state is not all powerful. We conservatives here in the States feel that our freedoms and responsibilities are God given, and we loan a bit of that power to the State to act in our stead. The State at that point just becomes our employee.

Once you lose religion, the State becomes God.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Law and Order Texas Style

Yesterday in front of my house, law and order at it's best was present. My wife and two neighbor ladies were at home midday and noticed a van parked in front of the house. Two young men had been seen at it, and something just didn't look right. The police were called and were on the scene in about 10 minutes. From the license plates, the police knew them to be wanted thieves, and 4 more police cars responded. The 2 punks were caught 2 doors down hauling computers out a broken window, and were hand-cuffed on my front lawn. That's how it works in this neighborhood anyway. Neighbors watching out for each other, and not afraid to call the cops. Nice smack-down ladies!!!

Call to American Conservatives!

After much reading on the blog A Tangled Web by David Vance in the United Kingdom, I was undone by the Alamo-like mentality true conservatives in the U.K. are under. There doesn't seem to be a conservative movement in Her Majesty's Realm as there is here. Living in Texas, conservatism is like air. Asking me to describe conservatism is like asking a fish to describe water! We have such a vibrant, grassroots movement here that is seems we could "lend-lease" some expertise to conservative Jeremiahs like David Vance. I don't know quite what I'm going to do, but today I become Jeremiah's Helper.