Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Left Becomes Unhinged-Again

Anti-war protesters tried unsuccessfully to stop a military fly over as a tribute to Martin Luther King at a march in San Antonio, Texas, as reported in the Kansas City Star. The article states:

"Protesters chanted during speeches Monday in disapproval of the inclusion of Air Force jets at the end of this military city's 20th annual march honoring Martin Luther King Jr."

Trying to shout down speeches at a MLK tribute? Is this what has become of the left in this country? MLK was against the Vietnam war, but not against the military. The article continues:

"Supporters of the flyover by T-1 training jets from the 99th Training Squadron from nearby Randolph Air Force Base pointed to the squadrons direct lineage to the Tuskegee Airmen, the countrys first group of black pilots."

So the protesters were against descendants of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, who during World War II broke racial barriers and proved that they too could fight for the country they loved. But the pilot said it better than I ever could.

Far removed from the controversy was Capt. LeRon Hudgins, a 31-year-old black pilot, who flew one of the two T-1’s. “I don’t see how there can be a bigger tribute to the idea of equality,” Hudgins said. “For me, being in the 99th, and being a black pilot myself, I think it is tremendous tribute to some of the things that he fought for.”

The left in this country really needs to get a clue.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

There's that bipolar (left-right) thing again. Here's some random thinking on why it is an unhelpful dichotomy.

While it is true that some issues have adherents that express diametrically opposing and mutually exclusive positions, the totality of political experience in the United States does not fall easily into two opposing camps. Our two-party electoral system does present an either-or choice on election day, but on every other day politics is more complex than the number 2.

One of the reasons I am fascinated with Northern Ireland is that the constitutional issue (should NI belong to the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland) is truly bipolar, truly zero-sum politics. It is not truly left-right in the traditional socioeconomic political sense, but is best described in the Ulster terms Ussens versus Themmuns.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

BTW, on the other subject of your post:
Henry Cisneros, the former San Antonio mayor and former housing secretary in the Clinton administration, said he did not oppose the flyover, adding, "We want to have as inclusive a day as possible." Mr. Cisneros also said it was important to consider that such a large portion of the military was black, and that Dr. King would not support excluding them.

Does that make Cisneros a Righty? (No, is the correct answer.) The City Troll tells me to be on the lookout for a big report on Cisneros, Clinton, et al. on Thursday (which happens to be my birthday).

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Alan I don't agree with the left-right analogy. Obviously, everyone who like the fly over weren't on the right. Many were Democrats, and since 90% of blacks vote democratic, a very big part of the crowd wasn't from the right. The protesters weren't simply from the left-hand side of politics, but leftists, the M. Moore's of the country. Sorry old boy, but your side of the pecan tree's producing all the nuts.

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...


I recognize your right (pun intended) as the blog owner to only answer comments on your own terms. My concern is not with the event you posted but the headline. Parsing the politics of the event participants (alliterative, eh?) doesn't get at the definition of "left."

Let's try centering. Let's agree that individuals do things with which we (you and I) jointly disagree. I can picture us standing side by side at an event and agreeing that "X" just did something stupid. I also think that we would not stop to calculate X's leftness/rightness before assessing his/her stupidity.

Do you at least agree that over on Slugger the participants spent more time saying that individual actions prove that "your side sucks" than praising/condemning those individual actions?

At 11:40 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

You are right CH. It was the leftists doing the protesting here.

Were the extreme right out there protesting it? No.

What blows my mind about leftists is that they profess to be the ones who support the minorities. They love the oppressed. Yet the leftys actions go directly against what they state.

Martin Luther King's dream has been forgotten by the left. It's a shame too because it is a beautiful dream.

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Alan, Possibly I shoud have said
"Leftists become unhinged." You seem to want to distance yourself from the actions of the protesters. There is hope for you yet, old friend!
But still I think the point remains valid. The protesters were from the left, not the right. That's not to say that there are right wing nuts about.
They just weren't there and not in any number like the left has. Maybe we need a MOVEBACK.ORG!

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...


Maybe you can help me in my quest. You and Chas seem to have a very strong opinion on what is left and right, even "extreme right." I am seriously trying to understand what these terms mean to you.

It looks like "extreme left" is someone like Michael Moore. That gives me a set of behaviors and stated positions to go by. Who would you call "extreme right?"

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Alan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And many more to you and your wife and 7 wiener dogs!

Now to your question. Who's on extreme right. Anyone in the Klan, Pat Buchanan is trending there, British National Party, Jean Marie Le Pen, Barry Goldwater. Actually not that many that I can think of (which MAY be your point!)

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...

Thanks, Chas,

I think it is very helpful for people perceived to be in one camp to define the extremists of that camp especially if they are living Americans. Pat Buchanan but not Pat Robertson?

Anyway, Troll mentions Noam Chomsky over at the City Troll (from a post originally on ATW). Chomsky to me is one of the true leftists in the socioeconomic meaning of the term. In Europe he would be a mainstream social democrat. In America I'm sure he would be considered "extreme left" (or a "moonbat" as David Vance says).

Mayor Ray Nagin would fit the bill as both "extreme" and "moonbat" based on the things he said on MLK Day. If being an elected Democrat automatically makes him "left" then he was "extreme left" on Monday. Of course, he did apologize on Tuesday. Then again, Pat Robertson also apologized to Ariel Sharon's son.

I think I like the term (DUMBASS) that Red Forman uses on "That 70's Show" which can be used liberally for nuts of all flavors.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Chas said...

I would agree that Pat Robertson is in the extreme right camp, an Chompsky's certainly way out on the left.

The real mark of the leftist a la Chompsky is the "blame America first" attitude. In their minds, it's easy to root for the enemy, b/c we're always wrong! Or Jane Fonda, going to North Vietnam and posing on that anti-aircraft gun thaat was shooting down Ameican planes. They aren't within the scope of the loyal opposition. Be against a war yes, but don't root for the enemy.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger City Troll said...

The Flyover was to commemorate the tuskeegee airman the wing that flew over was the same squadren as they were.

The Barret Report came out today minus 120 pages that were Redacted by Cisnaros and the Clintons lawyers, those 120 pages can be had by any represtative that asks for them

At 11:31 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

Is BNP really extreme right? Possibly extreme right for the UK. I looked at their website and they seem very reasonable to me! LOL!

I agree with CH's description of both extremes.

The term liberal USED to mean something different. It used to be GOOD to be a liberal. I do prefer to use the word 'leftist' when speaking of the moonbats. Many people still go by the old definition of liberal.

JFK was a liberal in the 60s. In this day and age he would be considered conservative. And only so because the extreme leftys have hijacked the Democrat party.

At 11:32 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

PS - I like 'Dumbass' too! :-D

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