Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mr. Bush, You're Losing Me

Mr. Bush, you don't know me, but I helped you get to where you are. You see, I was one of the Texas Republicans that helped you defeat Ann Richards to become governor of Texas, your first elected office. I also voted for you twice for president. I supported you on the war. After 9/11, I realized we WERE at war and did what I could to support you as Commander in Chief and the troops in the field. I wrote letters to soldiers like you suggested and sent boxes upon boxes of gifts for them in Iraq. I've waited in long airport lines holding my shoes, all in the name of security.

But you're losing me Mr Bush, you're losing me and people like me, because you refuse to protect our borders, and you're turning over our ports to a foriegn country. Maybe I don't understand everything that the pundits and insiders know. Maybe the UAE is OK. I don't think it is, but if I voice this opinion, your administration says I'm Islamophobic. If I want the laws of the land enforced at the border, I guess I'm a racist too. Not as racist as the UAE is of course, when it comes to trying to boycott our ally Israel. How may Jews is Dubai World going to hire I wonder?

So Mr Bush, I hope you at least start to entertain my concerns, and explain things to me and folks like me, cuz it's really rude not to dance with the one that brung ya.


At 12:07 AM, Blogger MonicaR said...

CH - I almost abandoned the Republican party over the border situation awhile back. I'll have to find a link that 'Buck' sent me. I believe it's the republican caucus or something. They're great and are working hard to push the party and the candidates in a more conservative direction.

Border/Port and homeland security are huge issues for me right now.

Also - apparently the UAE company that is slated to lease those ports deals with Israeli companies daily - and they have a positive business relationship with them. I will have to try and find that link too.

The link search will have to wait until tomorrow though. Chin up - y'hear?

At 1:04 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Monica, you're right, of course. I know in my heart that Mr Bush would not do something like the ports if he thought it would hurt the country, but him threatening his 1st veto on any bill blocking the port deal pissed me off!

But you're right, chin up, chest out, American pride!!!

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