Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vox Populi Europa.."We Will Not Let Freedom Die"

The people of Europe are in another two front war. This time the Eastern Front is the wave of Islamic extremism in their midst and on their streets. The Western Front is their own feckless, PC, Islamo-groveling "We feel your pain" governments. In fairness to those in Europe, this phenomenom is occurring here in the US, where calls to protect our borders falls on deaf ears.

There is an excellent piece in National Review Online by an Oxford prof who is looking at polling data from European citizens.

He says, "Violence pays, doesn't it?

Not necessarily. While Chirac condemned the "provocation," Charlie Hebdo reports a sudden jump in sales. And a cursory glance at newspapers' websites across Europe shows a strength of response from readers that their politicians have long failed to detect. The land is seething with rage. Not Muslim rage at Euro-insensitive newspapers, but Euro rage at the inability of their politicians and pundits to show courage in the wake of intimidation."

I remember telling a friend during the French riots, "European politics has just changed, and will be pushed to the right." It hasn't happened yet, but the underpinnings are there. The first order of business of a government is to "provide for the common defense, as stated in the preamble of the US Constitution. Yet Euro governments have been ignoring this. How can they "promote the general welfare" of their society if there is no Leviathan to keep the peace? What good is Kyoto if buildings are burning around you? If a citizen isn't safe on the streets of Paris or London or Rome, who cares about EU rebates. Not only are governments in Europe not protecting people, they are ACTIVELY AIDING those who wish to destroy society!

If European governmeents don't pull their heads out of the sand, right wing nationalist nativist parties will flourish. And Europeans KNOW what that means!
Update: The EU Parlement drafting language supporting Denmark.

The EU Observer has a nice article here.
Thanks to Alison at Making Headlines for the link!


At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Alison said...

I feel European and British and have lived in various countries in Europe so sort of feel i can comment here. They tend to vote in socialists to cap the nos of hours they work in any given week, protect their healthcare - but that has never meant they take kindly to rampant immigration or wholesale integration of cultures that dont fit easily. They are far more fixed in their ways than the British are and much less tolerant.

I have always admired and envied France for 'protecting her own'...France Soir and CharlieHebdo came as no surprise whatsoever either. A British leader could never ever get away with calling the rioters in les banlieues 'scum' much less see his ratings soar as has been the case for Sarko.

Im always surprised at how Americans view Europeans. Just as i guess im irritated at how some europeans see americans. But by no means all! I think Sarko is a force for good on the latter...!

Incidentally I was very good friends with a French Algerian when i lioved there and we remain in touch today (he hated Islam). We conducted research into Islam in France in 1993. I met many French imams, devout and non devout third generation maghrebins, conducted polls, went on anti le pen demos. It was fascinating. I suppose one day i should get round to blogging about it and 'l'integration'. And my ever changing views!

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Alison, I'm not sure if you agree with the piece or not! I think you do b/c you say the Euros vote in these governments to get the goodies, but don't follow their PC drivel.
The reason Americans view Euros,as goes the phrase here "cheese eating surrender monkeys" is b/c what we see on the media. And the same is true of Europe about Americans.

You're right about the French. I have 3rd cousins in Mulhouse and Belfort that still call Germans, Les Boches!

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Oh, and I like Sarko! He's got brass balls, as opposed to de Villepan, who really screwed over my country in the UN.

At 5:48 PM, Anonymous alison said...

Sorry, bit rambling (for a change!) my excuse being that im ill. Picked up some stomach bug.

Just my disjointed thoughts on europe! I hate that we are defined by our governments though. Lifes not that simple.

Yeah, the media has so much to answer for. It doesnt inform. It tells. And it uses free speech as a crutch.

At 11:50 PM, Blogger Alan_McDonald said...


One of the things I try to do (when I'm not just trying to be annoying -- but I save that for ATW) is to carefully parse anything I read to make sure I understand the point that is being made. I also recognize that political rhetoric is 90% spin and 10% cogent argument.

The NRO piece conflates (we liberals love that word) reaction to the "Danish cartoon crisis" with reaction to Iran's nuclear ambitions, and then further confuses the issues by talking about "our Islamist adversaries" and "reclaiming the public spaces of Europe."

The constant bleating of "To Arms, To Arms" doesn't leave much room for discussions of Problems and Solutions. Having said all that, I'm ready to let Europe solve what they think are their problems their way. If their citizens don't like it, they can change their governments.

I've told you that, as far as the cartoons are concerned, I am opposed to the criminalization of blasphemy. I do not equate recognition of people's hurt feelings with changing the First Amendment. I also don't think diplomacy should be rejected in favor of invading Iran any time soon. I do recognize that Iran is much more dangerous to "American interests" than Iraq ever was.

It's late, more tomorrow.

At 2:50 AM, Anonymous alison said...


I have to say I agree by and large. Although Europe will need to start to shake off its affection with unions and join the real world sometime soon. Maybe it needs a shunt in the right direction but im rooting for Merkel and Sarko.

I disagree on Iran. Their comments on Israel show their distinct lack of diplomacy skills. And i dont think that is likely to change anytime soon unfortunately. However this time America needs clearer and stronger allies. Part of me wishes intelligence had worked out the weapons were moved from IRaq to Syria just before the war to avoid the casulaties that followed but it didnt.

Its a pity you dont add to the debate at ATW also. I dont always agree with what David writes but i enjoy the debate. And i think you'd add to it with comments like this.

Ch - ill add your blog link to mine if ok with you.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Chas said...

Alan and Alison, I may have done a disservice to the piece with my over the top intro! The author talks about polling data which shows that there is a disconnect between European governments and its people. When asked, the people have responded in Germany by electing Merkel, a conservative. Also by voting down the new EU constitution in France and Holland. The elite wanted it, the people didn't. N. Sarkosy is polling very well in France.

Alan, You and I are together on outlawing blasphemy, but the EU elite have been running to Jedda promising the cartoons will never happen again. Also, Bush let the EU 3 handle Iran. Even the French have given up!

And Alison, please do link my blog to yours. Je suis heureuse de faire votre connaissance, madame!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Alison said...

egalement chas

As a toast to better euro/american relations, were all having... dominos pizza with champagne..for dinner (class). The latter was a gift the former a sudden desire!

thought you'd enjoy the above article. I recommend the PUb Philospher link on my blog. really good read.


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