Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Blogging for a Day or two

Well, my wife's in the hospital, so I'll either be scarce, or I'll be so nervous she'll make me stay home and blog more. Alison, you told us to get that fainting checked out, and you were damned sure right! Prayers are highly appreciated.....Chas

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Astounding Admission by Time Reporter

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt interview Michael Ware, Time's man on the ground in Iraq. Now read the following transcript closely:

"HH: But I do think that that distinction between Islamists and insurgents has been well understood, and for a very long time. And I'd look for you to tell me when were you misled about that. But more importantly, going to the Islamists, about'll agree with me, they're evil. Won't you, Michael?

MW: Well, I certainly...I mean, one has to be careful that as the Islamic army of Iraq reminded just last week on Al Jazeera, the insurgent groups study very closely everything that we hear, say and write. And given that we're within their grasp, one always must be diplomatic. Suffice to say, it's very hard to relate to the goals or tactics that the hard-line Islamists employ.

The reporter of Time Magazine has just admitted that he can't bring you the full story from Iraq because the enemy is listening and watching and he therefore fears for his safety! ASTOUNDING!

Or how about this:

"HH: Well, do you think the Russian people were better under Krushchev than they were under Stalin? Neither of us saw Kruschev or Stalin, but both of us...

MW: Yeah, I wouldn't have a clue, you know?

HH: You wouldn't have a clue? Really?

Time Magazine's main reporter doesn't HAVE A CLUE if Stalin was worse than Kruschev??? And this guy's reporting and opinions are being fed to the world as the inside story from Iraq???????

Chek out Hugh Hewitt here for more.

"Marriage Is For White People"

Now before you get up my rear end, notice the above is in quotation marks. It's an article in the March 26th Washington Post written by an African-American woman, who laments the fact that marriage within her community at large has fallen so low, that it doesn't even seem like something that blacks do anymore. Here is a quote that is quite something:

"I was stunned to learn that a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents during slavery days than he or she is today, according to sociologist Andrew J. Cherlin."

Well, before I go and say something Un-PC, I'll let the author tell the story.

Takin' it to the Streets

Here in Dallas and Fort Worth many of our students of Mexican heritage figure it's such a pretty day, why don't we cut class and go down to City Hall to protest the impending Immigration Bill. They are American citizens, mostly, but their parents are not. Since they are here illegally, it's obvious (ahem) that the parents have instilled a respect for the rule of law in little Juan and Maria that they don't have themselves. The video is interesting. If nothing else you can see what nice weather we're having. But the pictures of the boneheads await, so let's get on with the SHOW.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Cool Google Website

I know I'm new at this computer stuff, but this Google Site is really cool! It's satellite photography, where you can type in your address and zoom down to your house! I was able to clearly pick out my own car and stuff in the back yard. (I didn't know my neighbor 2 doors down had a pool!) I also went to Ground Zero in NYC, London, Paris, Belfast, Israel, Iraq. I could do this quite awhile, but I'll just post this so you can take a look. Here's the Site.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boadica In Pink!!

After 2,000 years in hibernation, Queen Boadica has arisen! For my American readers, Boadica was an ancient warrior queen in tribal Britian at the time of the Romans. She led her people in a revolt. It is said that in and around London, if you dig down to the right layer, you can find the charred remains of that time.

Now Boadica has arisen once more to the defense of her people. Our own Alison at Making Headlines has resurrected the fighting spirit of the British woman, although she might not realize it yet. Because, you see, she's pissed off. I mean cross-eyed, stabbed ass, can't see straight pisssssssssssssssssed off!

She went to the March for Free Speech Rally in London yesterday. First the Muslims got to it's organizer and "persuaded" him to Back Down. Then Muslim bully boys tried to take Alison's sign from her! Not hardly, MO FO. Jonz at Drunken Blogging describes the altercation with the pricks that tried to bugger a sign away from our Alison. Fuck them and the camel they rode in on! Oh and of course the police were there, evidently to save the Muslims of London from the hands of the right wing mob that espoused Jefferson, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and all of those things people naturally associate with Nazi Germany.

Not only that, but many so called blogs that espoused free speech are shitting on the march and the marchers for being iineffectual. Un-fecking-believable. I won't even sully this post by linking to these sunshine patriots.

The best news of all however, is that the story was picked up by BBC, which shows Alison holding her now world famous "Stop Toonophobia" sign. The story was also picked up by Associated Press, which mentions the sigh as well.

So to recap, Alison's web site was hacked and brought down, she was survielled by police, set upon by angry Muslims, pissed on by the right-wing, then had her picture on BBC and had her sign and story picked up by Associated Press and sent around the globe. Not bad for a weekend off to rest. Well done, Boadica, well done indeed!

ADD ON:Here's a really cool website with lots of PICTS.

I'm the No Where Man

I had a very odd feeling today. I was driving my 6 year old great nephew Daniel back to my niece's apartment, and driving home I had the oddest feeling. I had just stopped to get my second jumbo diet coke of the morning and I thought to myself how fake and disposable it was. I drove and drove, past strip mall after strip mall, and suddenly the whole thing seemed fake. I eat fake fast food in my car, driving past fake places. My car has become my living room, and the windshield is an ever changing portrait, a bad TV show, that keeps repeating.

And when I get home, I log on to the Internet, The Great No Whereness, existing everywhere and no where, and I communicate with people I actually know better than my next door neighbor (I've never met them, but my wife has!)

I think this was all elicited by dropping Daniel home. He is the child in my life. I was never blessed with my own. I guess that's it. When I'm taking care of Daniel, my life is focused like a laser beam. Nothing is more important on Earth than the safety of "The Child." I wouldn't care if half of humanity had to be blinked out of existance so that MY Child could live and be happy. Without that, everything is fake.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An Iranian Blog I Visit

You might be interested in an Iranian blog that I visit every now and then called Under Underground. It is written in English, which may not be the Queen's, but it'll do. I have left a comment now and then, but Yasser doesn't seem to get into a give and take with posters. It may be because of his comfort level with English, or the fact that he does live in a totalitarian state. But it is interesting to get a glimpse, however faint, of someone's life in Terehan. Check it out.

Don't Block the Blog

The don't block the blog here mentioned refers to blogspot being censored by ISPs in Pakistan because many blogs from the West contain the cartoons. I brought this up a week or two ago. However I now have concerns closer to our blogging world.

Our own Alison in London at Making Headlines seems to have had a dust-up with some British Muslim organization for outing their plans as to what kind of signs they were going to use at a London rally. Then all of a sudden, POOF!, no more making headlines! Somehow Alison had been whited out. A coincidence? I think not. Since the perpetrators of this Orwellian deed haven't the foggiest idea about the grit and pluck carried about by English women, I'm sure they were suprised with the speed with which our modern day Queen Boudica recovered her God given right of free expression on the web.

Please drop by her slightly "new" website and offer some encouragement! Keep up the fight Alison!

French Fried

As most bloggers know, there has been unheaval in France, yet again. The country that was once the terror or Europe now seems to not be able to keep it's streets clear of burning autos.

The latest cause of the demonstrations was a law proposed by PM de Villipan that would allow a company to fire an employee under 26 without cause. This is very strange to the American Ear, where the law of creative destruction rules the day. De Villipan's hope was that if a company could hire and fire more easily, they would hire more people, not fearing either a life-time employee they didn't much need, or having to go through an expensive and lengthy process to sack him.

If young people in France where to join to real working world, where you you have to prove your mettle, work your ass off, and make something of yourself, they'd be better off. Unemployment in the Republique would go down from 25% in that age group, and they could become adults, instead of nursing at the tit of Paris all their lives.

Now we Americans are a hard working lot. Maybe too hard working. Europeans look at us in disbelief when we tell them we have to EARN VACATION. I worked for my company for 2 years before my 1st one week per year vacation. At 5 years, I got 2 per annum, 3 weeks at 8, and 4 weeks at 12. I have now worked for my company for 23 years, where I get 4 weeks paid vacation a year, plus 8 paid days off. I think the French get 6 weeks right off the bat!

Since I've only worked for 1 company in 23 years, I'm really an American anomoly. Actually, the company keeps getting bought and so I've technically worked for 4 different companies, and have never left the building!

So, note to French students. You're defending a system that is holding both you and your country back from growth. Grow up!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rain Like I've never Seen

When I asked y'all to pray for rain to put out the wildfires, I didn't realize the Lord would listen quite so well! In the last 48 hours, we have had about 10 inches of rain! The flash flooding that this has caused has killed at least one person and left some abandoned cars completely submerged on Dallas streets. Another inch or so tomorrow, then 30 mile an hour winds kick in. I suppose it beats wildfires though!

Massive Cyclone Hits Australia

The state of Queensland took a hit from powerful Cyclone Larry. I'm sure I speak for Texas when I wish our allies down under minimal loss of life and property damage. I've seen first hand how a storm of this magnitude can disrupt the life of a family and of a nation. Cnn reports.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Check Out this French Blog

Hold on, I know what you're thinking! A French blog? But this guy has video that's an absolute scream. The site is called 20sur20, and is done by this dude in Paris that really loves America, and wants to connect with an American audience. The video is professional and polished, he speaks English well, and talks about our two countries sitting in front of a small American flag. The blog is in French, which I can muddle through, but just click on "Bonjour America." Ready, set, GO.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Y'all

Yes, happy St. Paddy's Day. A day to remember who we are and where our people came from. To people in Ireland, we Irish-Americans are "plastic paddys", people who prance around "thinking" we're Irish! So be it. We know who we are. It's been said that Europe has too little land and too much history, whereas America has too little history and too much land. That's our problem here. We, the sons and daughters of Ireland, whose parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents came from there have been cut off from our family history. Our people lived in Ireland for thousands of years. Are we to forget all that because our families have lived in the States for a hundred? Does that make us "plastic"?

So here's to our collections of Irish linen and Waterford crystal, corned beef and cabbage dinners, and green plastic tops hats. We're Irish, y'all!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my father's 89th birthday. Poor ol' Dad died 20 years ago last month. It just seems like yesterday. It's funny how the days seem to drag on endlessly, and the years fly by and slip away. Here's to you Dad, and thanks for making me the man I am today.

Trouble Finding Time to Post

I have nothing but admiration for those people who are able to get on with the business of life, and still have time to post interesting things on their blogs. It seems that with me, if I'm not going under at work, the house and home are going down like the Titanic.

I just seem to have no energy. I know, I know. I work long hours, get no exercise, and only eat what is shoved at me through the car window. Why should I have energy? And to top it off, my better half says I'm spending way too much time at the computer, and she could be dead for days before I'd notice. Warning, Warning Will Robinson!!!! When the wife starts talking like that, plus the furnace filters haven't been changed since the last ice age, the car needs work, and you haven't finished the taxes yet, something's gotta give.

Does anyone else feel like this?

Texas Continues To Burn

Texas, as well as some surrounding states are still being plagued by wildfires. Most are in the sparsely populated Panhandle region, but we did have one south of Dallas close enough to smell the smoke. In the latest round 11 people have died, and about 10,000 cattle and horses, unable to outrun the flames. The fire is pushed by 30 to 40 mile an hour winds and rushes about that fast. I was thinking about doing a little camping and horseback riding on my vacation in the Palo Duro Canyon region in that area next week, but that may now be off.

So far, since December 26th, about 5,800 square miles, or 15,000 sqaure kilometers have burned, an area larger than Northern Ireland! If you're the prayin' type, please pray for rain!

Cnn has a good link here.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Developing Story in North Carolina

Fox News reports that an Iranian man drove into a crowd at a university in North Carolina. The man surrendered to police, and the FBI was called in after he allegedly made statements as to avenging American misdeeds against muslims. It will be interesting what they find. Link to story here.

I'm sooooooo glad we let him into the country, aren't you? (allegedly)

Add On: Alan at I-clock tells me the Fox Link has disappeared! Thanks Alan. Here's
another link at ABC News.

ADD ON: Michelle Malkin has been covering this quite well. So far, it dosen't appear that Mo here was part of a larger plot, but it was definately a terrorist act of one:

"A man who admits that he intentionally plowed into nine people on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus last week told authorities he was disappointed that more people were not around when he carried out the attack. In a search warrant released Tuesday, Mohammed Taheri-azar also told authorities that for two years, he had been thinking about some type of attack because "the United States government had been killing his people across the sea."
Taheri-azar said he had been carefully planning Friday's attack for two months and had rented the Jeep Cherokee that he drove on campus so that he could "run over things and keep going."
According to the warrant, Taheri-azar also told authorities he had been armed with pepper spray and a knife in the event that he was threatened or trapped."

He is charged with 9 counts of attempted murder and his bail was set at 5.5 million dollars.

Pakistan Blocks Blogspot

That's right! Because some blogspot blogs carry "The Cartoons" Pakistan has block the whole thing. An interesting website in Paki is here.

It's a pity too. I bet Osama loves reading my posts.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Must Read Post

I don't know who this guy is, but you must read this post.