Tuesday, March 21, 2006

French Fried

As most bloggers know, there has been unheaval in France, yet again. The country that was once the terror or Europe now seems to not be able to keep it's streets clear of burning autos.

The latest cause of the demonstrations was a law proposed by PM de Villipan that would allow a company to fire an employee under 26 without cause. This is very strange to the American Ear, where the law of creative destruction rules the day. De Villipan's hope was that if a company could hire and fire more easily, they would hire more people, not fearing either a life-time employee they didn't much need, or having to go through an expensive and lengthy process to sack him.

If young people in France where to join to real working world, where you you have to prove your mettle, work your ass off, and make something of yourself, they'd be better off. Unemployment in the Republique would go down from 25% in that age group, and they could become adults, instead of nursing at the tit of Paris all their lives.

Now we Americans are a hard working lot. Maybe too hard working. Europeans look at us in disbelief when we tell them we have to EARN VACATION. I worked for my company for 2 years before my 1st one week per year vacation. At 5 years, I got 2 per annum, 3 weeks at 8, and 4 weeks at 12. I have now worked for my company for 23 years, where I get 4 weeks paid vacation a year, plus 8 paid days off. I think the French get 6 weeks right off the bat!

Since I've only worked for 1 company in 23 years, I'm really an American anomoly. Actually, the company keeps getting bought and so I've technically worked for 4 different companies, and have never left the building!

So, note to French students. You're defending a system that is holding both you and your country back from growth. Grow up!


At 9:39 PM, Blogger MonicaR said...

How did I miss this one?

The last 3 REAL jobs that I worked gave 2 weeks vacation right off the bat plus 2 weeks sick time and of course the 10 federal paid holidays per year. I worked my most recent REAL job for 6 1/2 years, the one before that only 2 because I didn't like it there and the one before THAT - 7 years. I would change jobs whenever really - if I liked a place and they paid me and treated me right I'd stay. If not I would look around until I found a better one. A couple of times a cherry opportunity lured me away from a place I liked and I was more prosperous as a result.

The fact that we are employed 'at will' - atleast here in PA - gives an advantage from my point of view. If it doesn't work for either party - off to another opportunity that may work. The only time in my life that I had problems finding a job was the year after 9/11 - - it was bad then, real bad. But I was on unemployment that got extended and extended again.

It's not so bad here in the US. I would much rather work than to rely on the government to keep me alive. Those gov't. clerks are a bitch to deal with - worse than a full time job. LOL!

Because my girlies are small I am fairly out of the work force but in a few years I'll be back in the saddle again when it's time to pay for college. Or - my grand plan is to WORK for a university so they get their education for free.

God Bless America!!


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