Saturday, April 01, 2006

Iranian Bloggers Harrassed by their Government

A post by a blog at the Weekly Standard shows how Iranian bloggers have come under some threat by their Islamic government. This post reminds us of the freedoms we enjoy in the West, cries about the rise of theocracy in the US notwithstanding. This of course reminded me of our Iranian blogger friend Yasser at Under Underground. Evidentally, his blog's name was well chosen.

The article states:

"Dozens of Iranian bloggers have faced harassment by the government, been arrested for voicing opposing views, and fled the country in fear of prosecution over the past two years.
In the conservative Islamic Republic, where the government has vast control over newspapers and the airwaves, weblogs are one of the last bastions of free expression, where people can speak openly about everything from sex to the nuclear controversy. But increasingly, they are coming under threat of censorship....

To bolster its campaign, the Iranian government has one of the most extensive and sophisticated operations to censor and filter internet content of any country in the world -- second only to China...."

So Yasser, you have my respect. You show us in the West what real blogging is all about.
Add On:

No sooner than I commend the guy, he writes this:

"The fact that United States is the biggest threat to humanity now, is something we all brush under the carpet."

This doesn't sound like his previous posts. Maybe he got invited down to the Ba Da Bing Mosque to make sure he was "thinking straight." We wouldn't want any accidents to happen. Or maybe he just thinks us Americans are asses.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger City Troll said...

besides the harrasment of the bloggers how many people are aware of the growing protests that are taking place daily in Iran protests against their current govt.


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