Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jill Carroll's Statement

As we all know Jill Carroll of the Christian Science Monitor has been released by Iraqi thugs. In her Statement Upon Release, she wants us to know that she was forced to say many anti-American things on camera and that she thanks the military for helping her. I like this part:

"Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not. The people who kidnapped me and murdered Alan Enwiya are criminals, at best. They robbed Alan of his life and devastated his family. They put me, my family and my friends--and all those around the world, who have prayed so fervently for my release--through a horrific experience. I was, and remain, deeply angry with the people who did this."

None of that "Peacekeeper" claptrap about US illegal wars ect. I recommend giving her statement a look


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