Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why Peace With Radical Islam Is Impossible

I believe that peace with radical elements of Islam is impossible. Take Iran (please!). It is a rogue nation. The Americans and Europeans have been trying to draw it into the family of nations, the world order if you will. This is doomed to failure because the government of Iran utterly rejects the family of nations as
TOTALLY WICKED. They don't want to be drawn into this world order but want to replace it. A blind man could see it! The world that is presently constructed economically and politically is one of American hegemony and they want none of it. Just like Hitler and Napoleon, Ahmadinejad doesn't want to deal with the Anglo-Americans and our Anglosphere, our rule of law and way of life. He will do all he can to subvert and destroy it. And just like in 1801 and 1939, we Anglo-Americans are going to have to join together and defeat the threat.


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