Saturday, September 02, 2006

Attacks on Jews in Britian at High Level

The Times of London reports in this piece that attacks against Jews in the UK are running near an all time high. What is more disturbing is that an all-parliamentary inquiry will state that anti-semitism in Britain is endemic, from the street to the university campus.

From the article:

"The July incidents “were more dispersed than usual”, Mr Gardner said. “It is usually a small number responsible for a large number of attacks, but these were very widespread across the country and included graffiti attacks on synagogues in Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

The attackers, when visible, are from across society, he said. “When it’s verbal abuse, it’s just ordinary people in the street, from middle-class women to working-class men. All colours and backgrounds. We hardly ever see incidents involving the classic neo-Nazi skinhead. Muslims are over-represented.”

That last sentence may be an understatement. Muslims are over-represented? By how much, one wonders?

Again, from the article:

"There have been several attacks in Golders Green and Hampstead Garden Suburb in North London, where there is a large Jewish population. La Maison du Café in Golders Green Road was targeted two weeks ago by two young men who threw chairs at the restaurant, punched workers and threatened to kill the owner, Ruth Cohen, with a knife.

Ms Cohen, 34, said: “They asked if it was a Jewish restaurant. They said they were going to kill me and called me a ‘dirty Jew’, a ‘stinking Jew’. One of them had a knife. A colleague came out. They started punching him and throwing chairs.”

This is all very disturbing, and I applaud parliament for bringing this to light. Our UK cousins have quite a problem on their hands.

What was that that line from Depeche Mode. "Never again is what you swore the time before?"

Add on. David Vance has kindly linked this to A Tangled Web, which is most appreciated!


At 12:32 PM, Blogger DV said...

Great post - have linked to ATW.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Chas said...

Thanks David. That's high praise, and the link to ATW made my day!

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Katalan Saar said...

I'd link it too after I came back from 1st day in school (For this year), It'll be short day but I won't forget - I promise.
I'm just wondering where's the U.K Police and where's their responsibilities for their own citizens.

Islam is religion of peace? Yeah right, so naive........

At 6:47 PM, Anonymous MrSmith said...

La Maison du Cafe? Well well. Next time I'm that far north I shall definitely part with some cash into those coffers.


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