Friday, September 22, 2006

Three Cheers for Charlie Rangel!!

It's not often that I praise the Democrats, but must give praise where praise is due. Charlie Rangel, Democratic Representative from New York, has ripped into Hugo Chavez after said dictator's speech at the UN. Chavez called President Bush "the devil." I'll let Rangel take it from here.

WASHINGTON - I want to express my extreme displeasure with statements by the President of Venezuela attacking U.S. President George Bush in such a personal and disparaging way during his remarks at the United Nations General Assembly.

It should be clear to all heads of government that criticism of Bush Administration policies, either domestic or foreign, does not entitle them to attack the President personally.

George Bush is the President of the United States and represents the entire country. Any demeaning public attack against him is viewed by Republicans and Democrats, and all Americans, as an attack on all of us."

Well said Congressman!


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